Place to get M3,R4 Skins

Did you get boring with the monotone wallpapers on your NDS Lite?Why not theme your NDS Lite to let it look different and stylisht?Here,we will bring you some wonderful wallpapers on R4 ds and M3 ds simply.

Mario Skin

World of Warcraft:

ZELDA Phantom Hourglass

Dodge Viper Theme

Kirby’s Super Star Theme

They are all .zip files,winRAR them,and drag them to the root of the skin foder on SD card.You will see your wallpaper on NDS Lite turn to be a out standing one now.

For more wallpapers,you can take a visit here.


Blackhorns PSP2000 Free Style Protective case


Have you been in impressed with Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?You must be amazing with the Chinese elements in it.Blackhorns,as a Chinese video game accessories brand,will bring you this “Chinese Wind” to your PSP-Blackhorns PSP2000 Free Style Protective case.

This Chinese element theme case have seven items.We will introduce one of them-“Peony” to you here.Below is the result when putting PSP2000 inside:

It will not bother you much if you want to exchange UMD.Easy and convenient.

More other Chinese element theme cases will surely fulfill your different demand.


Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000

Do you believe that your PSP2000 can fly like a Ferrari car?With Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000,everything can be possible.Now,let us see what this case can bring to us.

Package on Capdase hard case
After openin the package,you can find such belongings:Capdase Hard Case for PSP2000,Capdase wrist strap,specification.

Capdase hard case
You must admire such creation! Designer brings ideas of Ferrari car to build PSP2000 hard case.Sofe and bright shape,decorated two “car lights” at both head side,you can not help to imagine that there are one brand Ferrari in front of you.
Something similar with our PSP2000 hard case,right?
inside the case
Forget about the outer look one minute,let us see what is inside this PSP2000 case.Creator had planed everything for you.You can find one place(just at the center of the upper case),where you can “baby-care”PSP memory stick.Also,there are spongy around the case inside,which can protect PSP2000 against being shocked.

result of inserting PSP2000

Putting PSP2000 inside

buttom of the case Carving line at the bottom,which can well protect case slipping from your hand.
UMD inserted You can easily open the back case to take off PSP UMD.
Capdase hard case Comparing with one PSP wearing Crystal case,you can learn how thin this hard case can bring to you.
Colorful Capdase hard case
summarizing Capdase hard card for PSP2000,we have to admit that this is a good peripheral.Fashionable,and personaliting outer looking,you will like it.What is more,there are three other colors for your selection on Gameyeeeah.

Tears are natural at the end of a grand get-together. But the people who have gathered in Beijing 2008 Olympic Game from all over the world to enjoy the 17 days deserved to be seen off with a smile.

Fireworks explode during the closing ceremony in the National Stadium at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The Olympic flame is extinguished during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the National Stadium, also known as the “Bird’s Nest

Performers dance during the closing ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the National Stadium.

Beijing has done everything it could to enrich the spirit of the Olympics. It passed on the Olympic torch to London last night, with hope that the legacy will be carried forward.

Note:Information is from Chinadaily.You can learn more details on their website.


This is an External emergency battery for PSP2000,NDS Lite,GBA.

9800mAh External Battery

9800mAh External Battery


1.Brand New
2.There has a LED light on this product, when this charger is being charged by the PSP AC adaptor,the LED will be red and when this charger itself is charged fully the LED turns green.
3.Perfect game console accessory for travel use
4.Input voltage: 5V
5.Output voltage: 5V 700mAh
6.Size: 73 x 73 x 16 mm

Function instruction and usage:

1.Use the PSP adaptor to charge this charger and save the electronic energy into the lithium battery inside firstly.
2.Please turn the “ON-OFF” switch to “ON” position when the game consoles. Please turn the“ON-OFF” switch to “OFF” position when not in using in order to save the power energy.

Voltage/Current parameter:

1.Use the AC adaptor to charge the charger
2.Output: 5V 700mA

Operation Instruction:

1.With “INPUT” and “OUTPUT” two ports respectively
2.The “INPUT” is used for charging the lithium battery inside this charger itself via PSP AC adaptor
3.The “OUTPUT” is used for charging other games console through the matched cable
4.Please turn the “ON OFF switch to “OFF” position when not in using in order to save the power energy .



The Emergency Charger can let your game console make a recharge from any where.Just use a psp2000 console AC power adapter OR computer USB charger cable to charge this item and save the electronic energy into the lithium battery inside firstly and use the matched cable to connect this charger with other game consoles such as NDS lite, PSP 2000,Nintendo DS and GBA SP to charge them.

It needs a psp charger OR computer USB charger cable so not a great purchase for people who only have a DS, unless they can find a PSP charger cheaply.

In conclusion,it’s a pretty good external battery which can satisfy your gaming needs.We suggest this battery to you if you want extend play.

For more information about our emergency battery pack,you can visit our website:


What is the difference between Wii component cable and composite cable?Let us see features on Wii component cable firstly.

1.Get the high-quality image your wii is capable of putting out
2.Allows for a more improved picture than fro composite or S-video cables
3.Provides high-definition video output, giving you incredibie graphics and images
4.Length: 1.8m
5.This is not an official Nintendo Product



With Nintendo own Official component cables being sold out and hard to find, 3rd party manufacturers are releasing their own.


Those who have high-definition TV sets must and I mean MUST get component cables for all their home consoles. If you have a high-def TV and still using composite cables, why even own a high-def TV in the first place?



Component cables make a huge difference when it comes to graphics, details and color.The quality of these component cables are great.They’re definitely better than composite cables that came with the Nintendo Wii console.


What I did notice was that with these cables improved the quality of images just slightly. There were less jaggies and the colors were not as dark. The colors were more richer and vibrant. With the composite cables, images were blurry.


Basically the biggest difference you will notice when playing with the component cable is this difference in texture quality and clarity.Component cables really does make a difference.As you look close to pictures, you’ll notice that textures have a better clarity, colors are more defined and vibrant.


Overall, the Wii Component Cable is a worthy purchase. You’ll definitely notice a difference in color and texture but not much. There may be other cables on the market that may improve the quality and color even better. This does make a nice spare to have at a different location is you like to move around with the Wii.

Gameyeeeah offers rich range of Wii cable,you can visit our website: get more details.


Overview:Keep your Wii Balance Board clean while improving your grip and even adding style with Talismoon protective soft skin. Available in several colors, it is the perfect companion to your balance board.

Quality/Usability:When there is an accessory such as the Balance Board, accessories for it is not far behind. When the Wii was first released, there were reports of peoples TVs being smashed by the Wiimote either by flying out of peoples hands or the wrist strap broke. To prevent and to protect your Wii Balance Board, Talismoon has released a rubber silicone skin.

As mentioned above, the protective soft skin is made of silicone rubber. Not only is it durable but it is also washable. The Protective Skin is like any other silicone skin on the market whether it be for your gaming controllers, handheld systems or cellphones. Simply slide it over your device and that is it. The skin covers the entire top of the balance board and wraps it self to the bottom of the board.

The skin gives you easy access to the button on the balance board as well as battery pack. On the top of the skin, there are two footprints. These are outlined in rubber dimples. This gives you traction and grip when using the Balance Board.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Balance Board Protective Skin is a nice product. Nothing special about it. Its like a normal rubber silicone skin. You can choose from different colors:pink,green,blue,purple,grey. Although the dimples on the top gives you grip, is soft and where to place your feet, it may not work well for those with sensitive feet or just dont like anything touching their feet.
For more information,you can click:


For NDS Lite fans,the biggest news may be the gambling between Nintendo and R4 team in these recent days.

The reason why I used “gamebling” is I do not know whether it is good or bad for Nintendo publishing the news of sueing r4.I stated out this news days ago.Nintendo and other 54 game company will put r4 on court,because R4 ds’ pirating ds games.

Following this news,retailers in Japan hand out some rabble-rousing posts,which boasted ” R4 is over!Get up and pick out your last one”” r4 price will rise,do not hesitate to buy the final one”…The fact is that news really come out -“the Japanese retailers jact up the price of r4 ds”

I do not know whether R4 price have to be rised nowdays.R4 ds,once as a popular flashcard in the past years,is no longer the only flashcard.DS TT,Supercard ds one,M3 Ds Real…More and more flashcard are fulfilling the market.The price?Of course,cheap enough.The reason why R4 is so popular now may be its good quality.There are still a big amount R4 fans.Nintendo and other game company will not want R4 occupy more gamers.This pirate flashcard team steal a lot from Nintendo.And now it is the time for them to take back everything.

The problem is we do not know whether Nintendo and other 54 game company will win.R4 team, as a Chinese floating group, is not easy to find.What is more,they have amazing creation to copy out some more flashcard,which is better than R4. Who know which flashcard they will bring out if R4 is killed?


Even since Wii Motionplus is released,we have been hopely about what it can bring to us. 



 I got one”Wii Wireless Nunchuk“Kit,which includes one Wii Nunchuk,Wii motionplus,wirst strap,USB cable.Seems like that you buy one Wii motionplus,and there will be along with one Wii Nunchuk.Personally speaking,I do not think this ‘Wireless Nunchuk” is useful enough.



Guess what happen when pluging this called Wii Motionplus to Wii remote?Sick!It can not be inserted into the bottom of the remote,because my wii remote dressed with one silicon skin protectors.This motionplus appears so big that it can not be pluged inside the remote.Without any solution,I have to put off the silicon skin guard from Wii remote and carefully connect it with remote.(You had to take good care of the remote now since no more protectors coming with it. still,finger prints are easy to “seal”on the surface of the remote.)





Now,it is time to check the precising of this Wii Motionplus.Yeah,smoothly clicking the button.It seems like that I can easy control myself when playing Wii sports-Tennis.Try other sports games,also good to position!Light on this peripherals will turn red when it runs well.Do not keep far away from your Wii,Wii motionplus will not detect the movement you show.3 t0 4 meter will be the best distance.You may find that your Wii remote become longer when pluging this gadget on.But this uncomfort will turn to nothing once used to it.

Coming to the conclusion:Wii Motionplus do have good precise position when you are gaming.This will help you a lot when you are playing some Wii games which require precise and prompt action,such as Wii sport.But the question is what more function this accessory can bring us?