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PSP 2000 Colored Transparent Skin Sticker

September 25, 2008

This is a stylish and fashionable colored skin sticker design for your psp slim, made of high quality vinyl transparent material, allows easy access to all buttons, controls & ports, you can play your psp 2000 without having to remove the sticker. When stick the skin to your lovely psp, you will find your psp […]

Sun help to charge power

September 23, 2008

PSP2000 Fast Solar Charger You may know solar battery,but have you heard that solar battery charger for PSP2000?As a high-tec products,PSP2000 Fast Solar Charger can power up your PSP2000 in a short time via sun light.Fast Solar Battery Charger for psp 2000 gives you the freedom to listen to your tunes on the trail,camp or […]

let your PSP2000 sing louder

September 22, 2008

Reviews and guides on:PSP2000 Stereo Speaker with Remote and Charging Station If you still complain your PSP2000 can not sing lounder,then we introduce this PSP2000 Stereo Speaker with Remote and Charging Station for you.Built-in stereo amplified speakers,it will definitely enhance your audio experience. Simply and easily insert your PSP2000 on this station,and turn on the […]

Not only power charger

September 20, 2008

Rapid Recharger and Movie Stand for PSP2000 Just imagine how wonderful if you can enjoy movies on your PSP2000 while charging for it.Impossible is nothing when it comes to Rapid Recharger and Movie Stand for PSP2000.It can not only fast charger for your PSP,but supply you a good stand to watch movies. This is PSP […]

PSP2000 You had never seen before

September 4, 2008

You may be familiar with your PSP2000,but can you tell us what other PSP2000 you know?Coming up with us,and we will show you some especial PSP2000 which you never see.“Cake” PSP2000.Hamburger,cheese,looks delicious,right?Some one had cooked a “cake” PSP2000 for you. If you do not like cheese,and what about this chocolate PSP2000?You may not want to […]

Let your PSP2000 more Chinese

September 2, 2008

Blackhorns PSP2000 Free Style Protective case   Have you been in impressed with Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?You must be amazing with the Chinese elements in it.Blackhorns,as a Chinese video game accessories brand,will bring you this “Chinese Wind” to your PSP-Blackhorns PSP2000 Free Style Protective case. This Chinese element theme case have seven items.We will introduce […]

Let PSP2000 fly hign

August 29, 2008

Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000 Do you believe that your PSP2000 can fly like a Ferrari car?With Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000,everything can be possible.Now,let us see what this case can bring to us. After openin the package,you can find such belongings:Capdase Hard Case for PSP2000,Capdase wrist strap,specification. You must admire such creation! […]

How to use 9800mAh/16000mAh External Battery for PSP2000/NDS Lite and GBA?

August 15, 2008

This is an External emergency battery for PSP2000,NDS Lite,GBA. Features: 1.Brand New 2.There has a LED light on this product, when this charger is being charged by the PSP AC adaptor,the LED will be red and when this charger itself is charged fully the LED turns green. 3.Perfect game console accessory for travel use 4.Input […]