Charged in harmony

Wii Dual Charge Station

Playing on Wii will not be single,but Charging for Wiimote could be alone because your Wii charger station can only accept one.Why not invite other Wii remote to be charged together?Wii Dual Charge Stationallows your controllers charged at the same time in harmony.
Brilliant a must have for any wii player, This is GREAT!It charges a battery pack which you get with it (bonus!) if you are playing a game and your batteries suddenly become low then pause the game charge the remote and after a couple of minutes or when it flashes(this indicates it is fully charged) then take it out and start playing again!

Use Instructions:

1. This product is special charge for Wii battery, put the battery into remote, then put the remoth into charger slot, it will charge to battery pack quickly, when connecting the Wii console or PC USB port
2. Indicator light will become blue when charging, indicator light will become green when charging level achieves to 90%, convert trickling charging, then you can take down the battery to use
3. Charging current is 400-100mA, trickling current less than 80mA
4. Unplug when not charging
5. Charging time= Capacity of battery x 1.2/400. For example, capacity is 1800mA, then charging time=1800 x 1.2/400, about 5.4H


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