The most powerful battery charger

NDS Lite Battery Charger Pack with Battery 1000mAh

You are going to complete all sections but power run out suddenly.It is the worst time,right?Here we offer you one solution-using NDS Lite Battery Charger Pack with Battery 1000mAh.This battery pack not only fast charge your NDSL,but also comes with 1000 mAh big capacity NDS Lite battery.No more battery charger can have such capability to support your NDS Lite power charged.
NDS Lite Charger Pack with Battery just easy to use as you think, plug and play with a battery to increase your game time. The DS Lite Rechargeable Battery Pack delivers up to several hours of non-stop fun on your DS Lite system. Extra heavy duty 1000mAH rating and easy to install in your DS Lite system.

what is included:

1.Battery Recharge Station with LED power indicator.
2.DSL Rechargeable Battery(1000 mAh). Recharge Station is also compatible with recharge original battery.

Tips:With the more time you charge,the battery’ life is going to be shorter and shorter.So,you will find that you can not play longer after much charging for battery.The way to keep NDSL live longer is fully charge the battery every time,and perchase one to replace it.


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