What will the new NDS Lite look like?

Design NDS lite via your imagination

Since Sony will publish its new PSP3000 next month,what action will Nintendo do for the curren NDS Lite?Will they keep NDS Lite as it was or create a stylish one to feedback game fans?Some professional and creative gamers had made out their own “NDS Lite” for Nintendo.Let us take a look at what future NDS Lite will look like:

Copy from iphone,future NDS Lite also can be made to cool and fashionable.

You may make a mistake to consider it as an iphone if you just look at its screen.

This one may be the most classic new NDS Lite.Super flex,you can fold NDS Lite as a square which is called”pocket mode”.

Even NDS Lite can be a great transformers.

Nintendo portable console can be the same as PSP.This is Nintendo’s “PSP3000”.

It is not a rumor that Nintendo will publish its new NDS Lite,but what will the new NDS Lite look like?Wii it give us more surprise?We are waiting for…


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