Let PSP2000 fly hign

Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000

Do you believe that your PSP2000 can fly like a Ferrari car?With Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000,everything can be possible.Now,let us see what this case can bring to us.

Package on Capdase hard case
After openin the package,you can find such belongings:Capdase Hard Case for PSP2000,Capdase wrist strap,specification.

Capdase hard case
You must admire such creation! Designer brings ideas of Ferrari car to build PSP2000 hard case.Sofe and bright shape,decorated two “car lights” at both head side,you can not help to imagine that there are one brand Ferrari in front of you.
Something similar with our PSP2000 hard case,right?
inside the case
Forget about the outer look one minute,let us see what is inside this PSP2000 case.Creator had planed everything for you.You can find one place(just at the center of the upper case),where you can “baby-care”PSP memory stick.Also,there are spongy around the case inside,which can protect PSP2000 against being shocked.

result of inserting PSP2000

Putting PSP2000 inside

buttom of the case Carving line at the bottom,which can well protect case slipping from your hand.
UMD inserted You can easily open the back case to take off PSP UMD.
Capdase hard case Comparing with one PSP wearing Crystal case,you can learn how thin this hard case can bring to you.
Colorful Capdase hard case
summarizing Capdase hard card for PSP2000,we have to admit that this is a good peripheral.Fashionable,and personaliting outer looking,you will like it.What is more,there are three other colors for your selection on Gameyeeeah.


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