Difference between Wii component cable and composite cable

What is the difference between Wii component cable and composite cable?Let us see features on Wii component cable firstly.

1.Get the high-quality image your wii is capable of putting out
2.Allows for a more improved picture than fro composite or S-video cables
3.Provides high-definition video output, giving you incredibie graphics and images
4.Length: 1.8m
5.This is not an official Nintendo Product



With Nintendo own Official component cables being sold out and hard to find, 3rd party manufacturers are releasing their own.


Those who have high-definition TV sets must and I mean MUST get component cables for all their home consoles. If you have a high-def TV and still using composite cables, why even own a high-def TV in the first place?



Component cables make a huge difference when it comes to graphics, details and color.The quality of these component cables are great.They’re definitely better than composite cables that came with the Nintendo Wii console.


What I did notice was that with these cables improved the quality of images just slightly. There were less jaggies and the colors were not as dark. The colors were more richer and vibrant. With the composite cables, images were blurry.


Basically the biggest difference you will notice when playing with the component cable is this difference in texture quality and clarity.Component cables really does make a difference.As you look close to pictures, you’ll notice that textures have a better clarity, colors are more defined and vibrant.


Overall, the Wii Component Cable is a worthy purchase. You’ll definitely notice a difference in color and texture but not much. There may be other cables on the market that may improve the quality and color even better. This does make a nice spare to have at a different location is you like to move around with the Wii.

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