Nintendo,helping or killing R4?

For NDS Lite fans,the biggest news may be the gambling between Nintendo and R4 team in these recent days.

The reason why I used “gamebling” is I do not know whether it is good or bad for Nintendo publishing the news of sueing r4.I stated out this news days ago.Nintendo and other 54 game company will put r4 on court,because R4 ds’ pirating ds games.

Following this news,retailers in Japan hand out some rabble-rousing posts,which boasted ” R4 is over!Get up and pick out your last one”” r4 price will rise,do not hesitate to buy the final one”…The fact is that news really come out -“the Japanese retailers jact up the price of r4 ds”

I do not know whether R4 price have to be rised nowdays.R4 ds,once as a popular flashcard in the past years,is no longer the only flashcard.DS TT,Supercard ds one,M3 Ds Real…More and more flashcard are fulfilling the market.The price?Of course,cheap enough.The reason why R4 is so popular now may be its good quality.There are still a big amount R4 fans.Nintendo and other game company will not want R4 occupy more gamers.This pirate flashcard team steal a lot from Nintendo.And now it is the time for them to take back everything.

The problem is we do not know whether Nintendo and other 54 game company will win.R4 team, as a Chinese floating group, is not easy to find.What is more,they have amazing creation to copy out some more flashcard,which is better than R4. Who know which flashcard they will bring out if R4 is killed?


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