Wii MotionPlus-Can you do more?

Even since Wii Motionplus is released,we have been hopely about what it can bring to us. 



 I got one”Wii Wireless Nunchuk“Kit,which includes one Wii Nunchuk,Wii motionplus,wirst strap,USB cable.Seems like that you buy one Wii motionplus,and there will be along with one Wii Nunchuk.Personally speaking,I do not think this ‘Wireless Nunchuk” is useful enough.



Guess what happen when pluging this called Wii Motionplus to Wii remote?Sick!It can not be inserted into the bottom of the remote,because my wii remote dressed with one silicon skin protectors.This motionplus appears so big that it can not be pluged inside the remote.Without any solution,I have to put off the silicon skin guard from Wii remote and carefully connect it with remote.(You had to take good care of the remote now since no more protectors coming with it. still,finger prints are easy to “seal”on the surface of the remote.)





Now,it is time to check the precising of this Wii Motionplus.Yeah,smoothly clicking the button.It seems like that I can easy control myself when playing Wii sports-Tennis.Try other sports games,also good to position!Light on this peripherals will turn red when it runs well.Do not keep far away from your Wii,Wii motionplus will not detect the movement you show.3 t0 4 meter will be the best distance.You may find that your Wii remote become longer when pluging this gadget on.But this uncomfort will turn to nothing once used to it.

Coming to the conclusion:Wii Motionplus do have good precise position when you are gaming.This will help you a lot when you are playing some Wii games which require precise and prompt action,such as Wii sport.But the question is what more function this accessory can bring us?


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