The NPlayer Cartridge is the current top-of-the-line in DS SLOT-1 flash carts. It is just an amazing little device like original DS cart size,it is a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or deal with any messy software and truly the easiest mediaenhancer you have ever done; To simply put it, this is a must have peripheral for any regular DS/DS lite owner.

Main Feature

1.Support MicroSD and MicroSDHC card, FAT16 or 32,the biggest supports 32GB.

2.About 10 hours working time.

3.Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS.

4.Automatically detect save type.

5.Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip

6.Supports Moonshell and other homebrew.Open I/O interface

7.Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser

8.Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment( DS Lite only )

9.Supports the Soft Reset.

10.Supports Action Replay cheat

11.Moonshell 1.71 support Software Reset function.

DLDI auto-patching and full download play support.

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This is a stylish and fashionable colored skin sticker design for your psp slim, made of high quality vinyl transparent material, allows easy access to all buttons, controls & ports, you can play your psp 2000 without having to remove the sticker. When stick the skin to your lovely psp, you will find your psp is likes been packed by crystal game pictures, nice, cool, attractive!


1. Made of high quality vinyl stickers, not paper. Paper skins are thin and will not leave damaging adhesive on your system
2. Digitally designed and cut for a guaranteed fit
3. Easily clean with moist cloth
4. Easy to install, can be installed in minutes
5. No messy glue to deal with
6. All buttons and slots are accessible without removing the protection skin
7. 100% removable leaves no stick residue or damage when removed


PSP2000 Fast Solar Charger

You may know solar battery,but have you heard that solar battery charger for PSP2000?As a high-tec products,PSP2000 Fast Solar Charger can power up your PSP2000 in a short time via sun light.Fast Solar Battery Charger for psp 2000 gives you the freedom to listen to your tunes on the trail,camp or while traveling without having to worry about batteries or a connected power source.Solar battery charger comes with a direct connect psp power cable for convenient, fast and easy charging of your psp 2000 slim.


Recharge your console using the power of the sun
Built in 1800mAh Li-ion battery,also can use outer power adapter
With 2 connectable cables: For PSP/PSP2000
Dimension: 8.4*8.2*2.2cm
Gift Box:27.9*20.5*6cm


Reviews and guides on:PSP2000 Stereo Speaker with Remote and Charging Station

If you still complain your PSP2000 can not sing lounder,then we introduce this PSP2000 Stereo Speaker with Remote and Charging Station for you.Built-in stereo amplified speakers,it will definitely enhance your audio experience.

Simply and easily insert your PSP2000 on this station,and turn on the switch,and you can listen to your PSP2000 clearly.As we mentioned before,we had brought you Rapid Recharger and Movie Stand for PSP2000 which can be as a charged stand while you are watching movies.This Stereo Speaker also can charge for your PSP.Imigine that you can enjoy the graceful music and waiting for charging on PSP2000.


1. 100% Brand New Non-Oem Generic item
2. With Internal 3D surround processor
3. 12 watts RMS-120 watts PMPO
4. 6 watts RMS subwooder-2.5 woofer 40 hm
5. 6w RMS 3w +3w satellite speakers -30mm full range speaker 40mm
6. Operates from psp slim 2000 AC adaptor (not include)
7. Blue Soft light illumination
8. 3.5 MM stereo line-in jack hole
9. Dimension : 26.2cm x 3.5 Cm x 13.3 cm


1pc Stereo speaker station
1pc Remote control x1


Rapid Recharger and Movie Stand for PSP2000

Just imagine how wonderful if you can enjoy movies on your PSP2000 while charging for it.Impossible is nothing when it comes to Rapid Recharger and Movie Stand for PSP2000.It can not only fast charger for your PSP,but supply you a good stand to watch movies.

This is PSP rapid recharger and movie stand with overcharging protection funtion. Smart programming recharge directs power system flow to recharge the battery.It has automatic shutdown ability to protect PSP battery against memory effect.Rapid recharge increases power flow, allows full recharge and reduces the time. It helps you to eliminate daily hassle. It is an absolute necessity for comfortable movie viewing. So do not miss this good product.


1.Smart programming recharge directs power system flow to recharge the battery
2.Automatic shutdown ability protects PSP battery against memory effect
3.Best movie viewing angle, charger doubles as movie viewing stand
4.Convenient recharge cradle, just set down to recharge
5.Rapid recharge, increased power flow allows full recharge in reduce time
6.USB 2.0 Data link ports are exposed and ready.


Wii Dual Charge Station

Playing on Wii will not be single,but Charging for Wiimote could be alone because your Wii charger station can only accept one.Why not invite other Wii remote to be charged together?Wii Dual Charge Stationallows your controllers charged at the same time in harmony.
Brilliant a must have for any wii player, This is GREAT!It charges a battery pack which you get with it (bonus!) if you are playing a game and your batteries suddenly become low then pause the game charge the remote and after a couple of minutes or when it flashes(this indicates it is fully charged) then take it out and start playing again!

Use Instructions:

1. This product is special charge for Wii battery, put the battery into remote, then put the remoth into charger slot, it will charge to battery pack quickly, when connecting the Wii console or PC USB port
2. Indicator light will become blue when charging, indicator light will become green when charging level achieves to 90%, convert trickling charging, then you can take down the battery to use
3. Charging current is 400-100mA, trickling current less than 80mA
4. Unplug when not charging
5. Charging time= Capacity of battery x 1.2/400. For example, capacity is 1800mA, then charging time=1800 x 1.2/400, about 5.4H


NDS Lite Replacement Case

Scratch,dirty,your NDS Lite may become ugly after months abuse.Are there any solution to turn it to be a new one?The answer is using NDS Lite Replacement Case.The new shell will replace your old one,and make your NDSL look reflash and complete new.

Looking to trick out your nds lite and make it stand out from the rest of the crowd? Or maybe you just need to give it a much needed face-lift after months of abuse? Now Gameyeeeah have updated their product rosters to include replacement shells for the latest incarnation of Nintendo’s portable powerhouse.

Tips:Be careful when dismantle NDSL.Make sure you keep all attachment in hand.We do not afford the risk which was caused by your mistake.


NDS Lite Battery Charger Pack with Battery 1000mAh

You are going to complete all sections but power run out suddenly.It is the worst time,right?Here we offer you one solution-using NDS Lite Battery Charger Pack with Battery 1000mAh.This battery pack not only fast charge your NDSL,but also comes with 1000 mAh big capacity NDS Lite battery.No more battery charger can have such capability to support your NDS Lite power charged.
NDS Lite Charger Pack with Battery just easy to use as you think, plug and play with a battery to increase your game time. The DS Lite Rechargeable Battery Pack delivers up to several hours of non-stop fun on your DS Lite system. Extra heavy duty 1000mAH rating and easy to install in your DS Lite system.

what is included:

1.Battery Recharge Station with LED power indicator.
2.DSL Rechargeable Battery(1000 mAh). Recharge Station is also compatible with recharge original battery.

Tips:With the more time you charge,the battery’ life is going to be shorter and shorter.So,you will find that you can not play longer after much charging for battery.The way to keep NDSL live longer is fully charge the battery every time,and perchase one to replace it.


Design NDS lite via your imagination

Since Sony will publish its new PSP3000 next month,what action will Nintendo do for the curren NDS Lite?Will they keep NDS Lite as it was or create a stylish one to feedback game fans?Some professional and creative gamers had made out their own “NDS Lite” for Nintendo.Let us take a look at what future NDS Lite will look like:

Copy from iphone,future NDS Lite also can be made to cool and fashionable.

You may make a mistake to consider it as an iphone if you just look at its screen.

This one may be the most classic new NDS Lite.Super flex,you can fold NDS Lite as a square which is called”pocket mode”.

Even NDS Lite can be a great transformers.

Nintendo portable console can be the same as PSP.This is Nintendo’s “PSP3000”.

It is not a rumor that Nintendo will publish its new NDS Lite,but what will the new NDS Lite look like?Wii it give us more surprise?We are waiting for…


You may be familiar with your PSP2000,but can you tell us what other PSP2000 you know?Coming up with us,and we will show you some especial PSP2000 which you never see.“Cake” PSP2000.Hamburger,cheese,looks delicious,right?Some one had cooked a “cake” PSP2000 for you.

If you do not like cheese,and what about this chocolate PSP2000?You may not want to eat it because of such cute looking.

Impossible is nothing.Even candy can be made to be a nice PSP2000.

Show PSP2000 to your kid,and he can make out one PSP2000 for you.But do remember buy toy brick for him firstly.This is toy brick PSP.

Guess what material this PSP2000 is made of?It is Soap.Take good care of it,or your girl friend may use it to wash your clothes.

Even dinner bucket can be turned to a popular PSP2000.

You must be amazing for the above creation.As a creazy hot portable console-PSP2000,it will bring us more surprise.